Educate and inspire
the next generation of Digital Citizens


A free online festival that empowers digital citizens through access to incredible people and exclusive information.

From 22nd to 24th OCT

Educate and inspire the next generation of Digital Citizens.

Explore current, topical and sometimes difficult conversations affecting Digital Citizenship. 

Offer positive calls to action that remind Digital Citizens that the power is in our hands, and the internet is what we make it.

Very limited spaces per event

What they say about us

"Young people spend 32 hours per week on social media - practically a full-time job! Teens really need to know how to navigate somewhere they spend so much time and the @Beatfreeks #BeInternetCitizens webinar is showing me how to help"

Training Officer, West Midlands

"Very positive and fun way to discuss and learn about important issues that our young people are facing online."

Teacher, East of England

"Very inspirational. I am excited to get back to the classroom to try out some of these techniques and already thinking about how we will be adapting to incorporate current times."

Teacher and PHSE co-ordinator, North West England

"It was really helpful to go through the keywords and their meanings. It was also really helpful to have lots of engaging ideas to get young people actively involved."

Teacher, South East of England

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We Need to Talk About Tech

Fri 23, 11:30am

A digital panel discussion talking about the transition of young people from content creators to leaders in these large tech firms. Anisa Morridadi (Beatfreeks), Samantha Imafidon and Anna McNally (Microsoft), Ndidi Okezie (UK Youth)
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Social media for good

How do you use your voice?

Fri 23, 2:30pm

A digital event with top-tier guests, sharing their inspiring stories of how they've used their platforms for the better good. Join us with Atdhe Trepca from "Are You Happy?".
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Racism is political, even in the digital

Fri 23, 6pm

A digital discussion with lines of inquiry about Digital Activism. Its use, its methods, it's changing form in the last few years. Join us with Don't Settle.
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Does your platform give you power?

Thu 22, 10am

Join us on Instagram for this exclusive event where we will discuss the power of social media platforms with a national online Influencer: David “Sideman” Whitely.
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Gen Z: Full Time Online

Sat 24, 2:30pm

It's reported that young people spend an average of 32 hours a week online. But doing what? Become a fly on the wall of a lit WhatsApp chat as we find out. Join social media influencers Liv Reed and Umayma Abdul.
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Game Changers

Sat 24, 6pm

An online discussion (over a optional game of Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) about what it's like to navigate a space typically designed for the "Geeky White Guy" stereotype.
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Cancel Culture

Shame on Who? With Ayishat Akanbi & Jaspreet Kaur

Thu 22, 6pm

An online discussion exploring the complexities (or not) of cancel culture and online shaming. Join Ayishat Akanbi, Jaspreet Kaur and host Alain 'Fusion' Clapham.
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Incorporate Womxn x Oliver Bonas

Sat 24, 11:30am

This is an online womxn's only space to talk about online identity. Join us with Oliver Bonas Influencer and Suriya Aisha.
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Scrolls, Rolls and Trolls

Sat 24, 1pm

Become part of the conversation as the world’s biggest body positive influencers and global brand representatives meet to discuss what the future of body positivity should look like online.
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(Mind the)
Digital Skills Gap

Thu 22, 4:30pm

Take a seat at our metaphorical digital table and join the global conversation addressing the digital skills gap. Join Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google Guest & Beatfreeks.
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Ctrl Alt

Fri 23, 10am

We're bringing some of the UK’s top alternative media platforms together to discuss their experiences of changing the way media serves communities and tells stories. Join Ibrahim Kamara (GUAP), Nafisa Bakkar (AMALIAH), Mariel Richards (gal-dem) and host Swarzy Macaly (KISS FM).
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Fake news

Real Life Consequences Hosted by Richie Brave

Thu 22, 3pm

A discussion about Fake News and Emotional Manipulation online, and how it accumulates to real life effects and consequences for young people. Join host Richie Brave and Dr Yusef Bakkali.
Sold out

Digital Citizenship

Training webinar for teachers and youth workers

Thu 22, 11:30am

This training event equips those who work directly with young people with the tools to teach them how to become safe users of the web.
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How to Write It Masterclass

#Merky Books

Sat 24, 4pm

An online masterclass exploring writing from one of Britain's most celebrated poets Anthony Anaxagorou.
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Algorithms & Views

Fri 23, 1pm

What we view, our window to the world, is increasingly being decided for us, by algorithms. Taking you on a journey to see how your choices change the outcome, we explore how algorithms work and the ethical impact of them.
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