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Volunteers Wanted

  We’re looking for a team of volunteers to help us deliver an event and exhibition relating to As We Speak, a brilliant arts funding

Beatfreeks’ August DL

HELLO everyone, greetings from the DL-sphere. As always, super happy you’re here (I consider all of you my virtual besties at this point, even if

Beatfreeks’ July DL

Hiiiiiiiiii hi hi, my DL dreamboats 🛥️🛥️🛥️ Welcome back to another edition of insights, ramblings and pop-culture commentary where we dissect what’s happening amongst the largest generation in human

The Next Chapter…

“Welcome to a new hybrid generation of global citizens and consumers: Connected, Opinionated, informed. They are frustrated and hopeful. They have the power to make

Beatfreeks’ June DL

‘Iyaaaa. Is everyone enjoying the weather?? If you are suffering with hay fever, I feel your pain 🥹🥹 << that emoji is literally me rn. If you’re

Beatfreeks’ May DL

Hello my DL babes, happy Harry-Styles-new-album-release-month… 🥳🥳🥳 Welcome, welcome, welcome to May’s edition of the DL – your monthly insight mailer where we cherry pick the hottest happenings in youth culture and

Beatfreeks’ April DL

Hey besties   welcome to the April DL, your one stop shop for all things youth trends, pop culture, spicy stats and a few of my current

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