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Mind @JadeElizabeth

The sticker on the bus asked me to “Mind my head” And I was left considering how progressive it was That my public transportation service

Podiums and Pedestals – @LeviKing

Wary when vultures give a moving speech. Perched on their pedestals above wasteland positions. Rousing emotions and dousing suspicions. Platform to the masses: “Keep slaughtering

Terrorism @Daveny

Terrorism is far enough away He can pretend it doesn’t exist. Terrorism is far enough away   She just has to share five minutes of

Ink Blot @Daveny

I’m afraid of the doctors and offices Any kind of sterile medicinal, psychological practices. Afraid of their stethoscope and certificates Afraid of all the years

Sugarcakes @Daveny

Sugarcakes are secretly Sunday’s in disguise. You want proof? Sugarcakes should be savoured slowly and with your friends. Just like Sundays.

I’m Stumped – for Myself

A poet with a limited vocabulary Can come into trouble When she writes accessibly But feels like she has used up all her words.

Conjunctivitis @Daveny

There must be something wrong with my eyes cuz this brother is looking fine. I swear I did gay til he sent me his smile.

Pussy Politics @Daveny

It’s my pussy and she does what she wants. She does who she wants She goes where she wants.   She doesn’t like to be


Seagulls are just the chickens that really paid attention in flying school.  

City Life

Don’t snap. Don’t quit. Do spit.   Don’t cry. Don’t skip. Don’t step in shit.   Is that human’s? Are they human? Am I human?

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