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My shopping cart is full of:

  the things you expect me to pay for overtaxed tampons carcinogenic digestives asda branded tea a bottle of red wine my ancestors shackles skin

Western Feminism

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Protect. Defend. Respect.

Kick inhibition off like lazy stereotypes The floozie in the Jacuzzi dances like the 1920’s would last forever. Got money. Get money. Build something new.


Better look over your shoulder It’s you your hiding from Better touch your skin with thoughtfulness  For tomorrow’s soon to come.

Fresh Socks.

After she married him, she was of her own. All lungs heaving and sweat placed hair He worshipped her body nightly. She kept her mind

It’s All In Your Head

Anxiety paraded her shameless song into space reserved for me only.  She twerked her way into pockets she was not welcome in. Stole words from


He held these truths to be self evident. Dance girl dance. Sip wine from last centuries bad decisions. Open your hands to make a pistol

Bigger than the Eve dream

We made skirts of armour apparently Hid our strength beneath them, Ripped those skirts and wove them to skorts of our intersections. Our bare legs

The art of edges.

Brush it down,  brush it off Curl and hide it behind the braids. Gel it straight and let it pull you down. Why are you

META (For Bradley)

Antagonizing the spirit of Saturday’s mind, We run to destinations we are no hurry to get to, Catching Pokemon as if they promise to fulfill

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