Beatfreeks x WMCA

The brief

The West Midlands Combined Authority commissioned Beatfreeks to recruit and manage the creation of its first young board, the second of its kind in the UK. This Young Combined Authority brings together a diverse group of 15-25 year olds to help the WMCA ‘see the world through the eyes’ of young people, to build political leadership capacity, and to involve young people in the devolution agenda.

What we did

  • Recruited 30 young people from the West Midlands, ensuring representation and inclusivity.
  • Trained and equipped the YCA with the necessary skills to sit on a board.
  • Provided pastoral care in the form of regular formal and informal meetings.
  • Supported the YCA to develop an overall strategy for the year and identify key policy areas.
  • Supported the YCA to maintain public engagement.
  • Worked with the WMCA to support each YCA member through mentoring and development opportunities.

The outcome

  • Exceeded our target of applications by 102%.

  • Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor, committed to not speaking on panels about youth issues that did not feature any young people.

  • Insight for WMCA into key issues and barriers faced by young people including creation of a Young People’s Manifesto for the Region.

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