Beatfreeks x UKRI

The brief

Innovate UK’s Urban Systems team recognised that their team is not representative of the UK population and that there was an unmet need for involving more diverse voices in discussions around priorities in clean growth and infrastructure. 

They wanted an opportunity to engage young people living in urban spaces in these discussions, with the ultimate aim to co-produce ideas and priorities for Urban Systems funding. They wanted to ensure that Urban programmes are not misdirected because of the lack of diversity of experience and thought, and also provide an opportunity to showcase the career opportunities in this sector.

What we did

We worked with UKRI to develop an application questionnaire which we sent out to young people to get their opinions, and designed three-hour workshop consultation which explored what young people want the urban landscape to look like; how they want the urban landscape to function and what they believe should be prioritised across their city. 

With this information, we produced a full report which detailed the findings of the consultation, evaluated the consultation process and offered recommendations for rolling out the programme in additional cities across the UK.


The outcome

  • Engaged over 100 young people through the application process which allowed applicants to share their opinions about the challenges young people face across Birmingham. 
  • Conducted an engaging workshop with ten (10) young persons from across Birmingham.
  • Delivered a comprehensive research report to the UKRI team, which can be used to inform their decision-making in the future.

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