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The Challenge and YouTube wanted to equip young people with knowledge and skills around online safety and media literacy so they can become safe users of the web and positive voices online. 

  • 38% of young people reported that social media had a negative impact on how they feel about themselves (The Institute of Strategic Dialogue, 2019) 
  • Only 2% of children have the critical literacy skills they need to tell if a news story is real or fake (The Institute of Strategic Dialogue, 2019) 
  • 1 out of 3 British children aged 12-15 have encountered sexist, racist or discriminatory content online (The Institute of Strategic Dialogue, 2019)

The Approach

Be Internet Citizens – a National programme delivered by us, supported by and YouTube, addressed the knowledge and skills gap by deconstructing complex topics including fake news, scapegoating and emotional manipulation.

We targeted our approach towards young people living in the 25% most deprived constituencies identified in the Indices of Deprivation 2019. We delivered:

  • 6 day long workshops in secondary schools to explore what it means to be a safe, responsible and positive Digital Citizen.
  • 14 day long workshops and online webinars to give secondary school teachers and youth workers the knowledge and confidence to deliver Digital Citizenship sessions.
  • A three day 15 event digital festival to raise awareness of digital citizenship and expand the conversation around Be Internet Citizens Content with educators and young people.
  • A two week digital campaign so we could spread the Be Internet Citizens message to those who need it most. 

The Results

  • We delivered 14 training events and trained 621 educators, who collectively pledged to deliver the content to 64,131 young people aged 13-15 who live in the 25% most deprived constituencies in the UK. 97% of educators reported an increase in understanding of online safety and media literacy and an increase in confidence to teach others about these themes.
  • Delivered 6 school workshops and directly upskilled 1015 young people aged 13-15 who live in the 25% most deprived constituencies in the UK
  • An IGTV event engaged 567 young people
  • As part of our Flagship Digital Festival, in partnership with UK Youth, we engaged 62 under 18 year olds and 709 educators and professionals.

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