Be Better. 3 little hacks.

Look at people the way you’d like to be looked at!

It’s actually a lot more simpler than you realise, and yes I know it’s a cliché but I feel like we say it so many times we forget to implement it. You’re going to reach a lot of barriers if you keep judging people before you give them a chance, we all have so many stories hidden within us and only decide to share what we feel is in line with our comfort. So you won’t know why the man outside your work place disrupts your morning walk asking for change. Learn to understand your story isn’t less important than your neighbours, by the same token theirs isn’t less important to them. It’s more about acknowledgment.

Be generous with your resources

You are not made out of money, and if you go around giving people notes then you’d soon be out of pocket. However, you may be a legend at listening to people, networking, and playing guitar or dancing, its time to not only show it off but share it. Take someone who wants that skill and help them master it, you are giving them parts of you that they probably wont forget and will always remember you for. That’s legacy, and somehow amongst everything else I’m obsessed with legacy. You are not going to leave every person a lot of money when you go, but you can leave every person a lesson, even if it is them building confidence. You helped. So after reading this, drop a text to someone who you might know needs something you can give.

p.s. LOVE- you can never run out of!

Be aware of your mistakes

We all make mistakes, ‘Lianne Le Havas – Is your love big enough?’ (It’s a brilliant song I must add) I was typing this title whilst listening to this song. We all do make mistakes, and it’s absolutely fine, you can never grow without learning about failure. Remember that a mistake is like the Ex you could get away from, but you knew you wouldn’t have learnt how not to act in a relationship without them. As long as you are always willing to learn from them, I fail almost everyday- from the smallest things like sleeping in when I’m not meant to, to not sitting an exam I was too scared to sit. But I know why I do and do not, I reflect on each thing to try and understand myself better. Your mistakes can be someone else’s win, don’t be jealous of it, I truly believe if you didn’t get something its because something greater is beyond the door.


I’m so full of clichés today.


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