Reasons why I love you.

They saying writing things helps you remember what you love about a person, I say fuck that, thinking about you makes me forget everything.  

Ways to get home

When you’re lost, turn right. When you’re heartbroken, sit down. When you’re ill, get a cab. When you’re tired, get the bus and stay on the phone to someone When you’re sad, go get some food with some friends When you’re happy, go get some food with some friends When you’re lonely, ask yourself why […]

Things in my pocket

My mobile phone buzzing as if to say give up. Old tissue that has been washed in these jeans. Another mobile phone when I don’t want to talk to anyone but still feel around. A sheesha pen for when I want to act like I don’t smoke. An empty fag box, because I’ve run out. […]

Empty. (For Danny)

The words left her lips coated with the dust of ground-up teeth She threw up everything that had bred inside her stomach. Her whole life has been soaked by his words. He says this was meant to be. She’s left with two children and an empty family.