Amplify (Written)


I am tired of leaders fighting like toddlers,
Making sandboxes of political arenas
I am waiting for the parties to remember me
To lead the country driven by something other than money and status
To find purpose in the people.
I am waiting for the people to open eyes wider than tabloid excerpts and personality quirks
To recognise their role and start playing the part
It is time for a reboot
Cut through and cleanse
We have been dismissed as romantic idealists for hoping for something better than our current reality
Called naive for demanding equality
Called lazy for our inability to find jobs between university debt and a distinct lack of vacancies.
We are scapegoat supreme,
A renewable source of blame and failure
It has never been difficult to be disappointed by your children.
We represent change and uncertainty that sets seismic waves deep within the earth’s crust,
Bring society tumbling down around us
And when the dust settles in your lungs you will not blame the faulty foundations you built- rather the radical movement we brought.
We will not apologise for our disturbance
It is time to be seen and heard
I refuse to stand down, to stay quiet
There is power in my voice and it is time to use it
I am done screaming at closed doors to closed minds
Open wide
Open your eyes
See the world around you and move in it
Start ripples to make waves
And when you break make sure you beat the walls hard enough to break through
This is our breakthrough
Make your voice heard
I am tired of the whispers
Speak out and make it count
Make it matter
Give it purpose
This is your moment,
So make a noise
Make a scene
Start a commotion
It is time to remind them that we all have voices
It is time to be heard

Amplify (Audio)

Written and performed by Nyanda Foday (on the importance of voting and the upcoming election).

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