Accepting Transitions

Changes force us into situations we have never been in before.
Places that are completely alien to us.
Rooms that are vacuums with no doors or windows.
A maze with many paths with undecipherable maps or no map at all.

Changes create circumstances that are fresh, new environments to get accustomed to.
Locations that are waiting to be explored.
Exciting new accommodation, finding a way to let the light of the world shine in.
A huge network to encounter, positively discovering different signs, features and gestures to progress on the journey.

Change is inevitable. But it’s how you react to change that is important.

Events that happen that cause change can be negative and truly heart breaking.
Breaking up with the only person you have ever loved and not being able to dance to that first wedding song you used to think about on a bi-weekly basis.
Getting sacked from a job that made you feel proud and meant that three years at University was worth it.
The death of a close family member who you had always wished you had been closer too, but now it’s too late to spend more time with them.

These events are all saddening and can feel like the world is against you.
No matter if you are angry or shocked or frustrated or your jar of love has been shattered into hundreds of sharp shards, a reaction in any emotion will not change the actual event that has happened. In this instance we need to be careful not to let those emotions cloud the reality that change has occurred and things will be different from now on. Be careful not to let those sharp shards cut and slash the world and everything in it, our loved ones, our friends, our acquaintances, our surroundings.

Events that cause change take time to deal with.


Accepting that things will be different from now on takes time.
It takes perseverance.
It takes using that pain, emotion, fear and distress to realise things aren’t going to be the same as before.
Change is here and it’s here to stay.

Change, in fact, is the only thing that remains a constant.

Friends will drift.
Close family members will pass.
Lovers will leave, move on to find new lovers.

Think about it.
Collect all those mixed up emotions.
Understand things are different now.
Time has passed and the here and now is totally new.
Start to realise that things changed for a reason.
Understand mistakes or lessons or issues that lead to change.
Learn from it.
Accept it.
Move on.

There is beauty in change.


Change of course can come from negative events but also can come from the most organic, positive and beautiful actions and events.

Take pride in that new connection you have made with that person you aspired to bond with.
Absorb the colour and vibrancy of the big city we have just moved into.
Cherish those moments when we find out our close family member will be a mother for the first time.

These events are life changing.
These changes shape the current path on the many roads to the rest of our lives, roads and paths that will be mapped and erased and diverted and forgotten and rediscovered and charted until we submit to the ultimate change.

Change is personal.
Change is inclusive.


It is not to say the effects of change cannot be shared with others to help us overcome the difficulties of the event that caused change.
However, it is important not to forget that whilst our personal change is significant, others around us may be going through a totally different transition that has completely turned their world around.
In this instance, it is evident that stability and continuity of our lives is fragile and two people that encounter exactly the same event of change will deal with it in a completely different way.

There is no set rule to change as it manifests itself randomly or gradually, superior to definition and extent of reaction.
Therefore to accept change we must embrace the idea that it is inevitable.
We must embrace the delicacy and wonder of our journey through the life that we live.
Approaching our day to day lives embracing change, understanding that nothings lasts forever, looking to progress as each day ceases and in turn gives birth to another precious twenty four hours, is integral to living a fulfilled future.

We will all change but the question is, when, where, how, with who?
That is something only we will only know once it has happened.
So don’t dwell on worrying about ‘what if something changes?’ focus on positively progressing from whatever change has occurred.

We don’t live in a mundane stagnant world frozen in time.
Our lives and world is enriched with the magnificence of diversity – no two people out of 7 billion people on this planet are exactly the same.
We create and breathe our culture and ceaseless amazement and nature.
Our world is constantly moving and transforming and evolving.

Embrace change.
If nothing ever changed, everything would be the same.

Written by Joseph Lee.

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