Sidemanallday: Does your Platform give you Power?

Kick start your Thursday morning right. Join us for an entertaining and informative conversation that investigates the responsibility of Influencers as creators for change. We’ll be speaking with all round loved online commenter ‘Sideman’ who’s comedic eloquence continues to inspire a generation of critical freethinkers. Many of us feel a sense of moral obligation to […]

Game Changers

We’ve probably all, at one point, heard gaming be described as a “waste of time” but is it that simple? Join Mikayla Jones, a black female gamer from Brum, for an online discussion (over an optional game of Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) about what it’s like to navigate a space typically designed for […]

How to Write It Masterclass (#Merky Books)

An online masterclass exploring writing from one of Britan’s most celebrated poets Anthony Anaxagorou. Join us for a masterclass exploring writing from one of Britan’s most celebrated poets Anthony Anaxagorou. Anthony is a British-born Cypriot poet, fiction writer, essayist, publisher and poetry educator. His poetry has been published in POETRY, The Poetry Review, Poetry London, […]

Gen Z: Full Time Online

It’s reported that young people spend an average of 32 hours a week online. Become a fly on the wall of a lit WhatsApp chat as we find out. It’s reported that young people spend an average of 32 hours a week online. But doing what? We’ll be asking 10 young people 32 questions about […]

Scrolls, Rolls and Trolls

Body positive influencers and global brand representatives meet to discuss what the future of body positivity should look like online. We have all seen Instagram Vs reality posts. We have all felt the pressure of keeping up with the Kardashians. Comparing our bodies to the photoshopped bodies we consume online. But are we living through […]

Incorporate Womxn x Oliver Bonas

This is an online womxn’s only space to talk about online identity. What version of ourselves do we present online and why? Womxn and non-binary babes – join us for this open-ended online discussion centred on the pressures we feel when presenting ourselves online. This is a womxn’s only space welcoming topics on body positivity, […]

Racism is political, even in the digital

A digital discussion with lines of inquiry about Digital Activism. Its use, it’s methods, its changing form in the last few years. The recent lockdown has forced the world to slow down and even halt in some cases. But throughout it all, we have seen revolt, protest, and passion pour from people of colour into […]

Social media for good: How do you use your voice?

A digital event with top-tier guests, sharing their inspiring stories of they’ve used their platforms for the better good. We all have a voice, and most of us have a platform. In this increasingly digital world, allyship might take the form of a quick share or a few likes. Standing with someone might transcend into […]

Algorithms & Views

Taking you on a journey to see how your choices change the outcome, we explore how algorithms work and the ethical impact of them. We’re taking you on a ‘choose your own adventure’ style journey, to see how your answers can change a final product. We’ll explain what an algorithm is, how it works and […]

We Need to Talk About Tech

A digital panel discussion talking about the transition of young people from content creators to leaders in these large tech firms. Join our digital panel discussion where we will be exploring what is being done to support young people into leadership positions, what more can be done and how intersections such as race, gender, sexuality […]