7 Ways To Self Love

Self love is not only vital for your own satisfaction but in the process of loving others. People often get into habits of seeking external validation as opposed to working on themselves and security with their own being.

Here are 7 ways to give back to your best self:

1.     If somebody grates on you learn to distance yourself and give light instead of love, wish them well and focus on your loves. Keep the energy around you real.

2.     Send light or love to every person you cross. This could be at least a thought.

3.     Eating? Switch off your devices, sit near a window and TASTE YOUR FOOD.

4.     Carry out a random act of kindness each day and don’t tell anybody about it.

5.     Meditate when you travel, especially if you have a short train ride. Just practise being still and watching your breath. Does wonders for calming you down for your day ahead.

6.     Have a dance and stretch every morning, show your body that your grateful.

7.     Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself. This is the best way to start trusting yourself and subconsciously acting in a way that truly helps you.

Written by Tamara Piggott

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