5 Poets You Need To Know


Over the last 5 years we have worked with hundreds of poets and as it’s national poetry day we would like to share a few of the poets in our community who’s work you need to know about. You’ll want to book them, buy their anthologies, and pamphlets and frankly indulge in some beautiful spoken word.  

Yasmina Silva

She’s a Brummie at heart, and currently doing her MA in African studies at University of Birmingham, her poetry touches on the political experiences of being black, love and so much more. She’s a force to be reckoned with, her unique rhythm when recruiting poetry will leave you mesmerized. If you’re not convinced have a listen yourself.

Twitter: @Yasmeeener

Shaun Hill

What a way with words this poet has, from physical performance to the way his words just melt together encourages you to listen to his work over and over again. Shaun Hill has a magical way of converting his perception of the world beautifully into art. If you’re looking to be challenged in the most articulate yet eloquent way.

Nafeesa Hamid

This poet is an absolute POWERHOUSE, a brummie and a playwright. Her poetry is hauntingly vulnerable and unbelievably addictive, Nafeesa is one of a kind and I encourage you to either buy her book BESHARAM. If you’re looking for an artists who can speak to your soul on paper yet have you in fits of giggles in the physical, Nafeesa is a true artist.

Twitter: @NafeesaHamid


Dennis has a natural way of commanding you to stop what you’re doing and listen to his poetry without you noticing. Currently a student at the University of Birmingham, Dennis spends his free time captivating both hearts and minds with his poetry. Keep your eyes peeled for this one because you’ll be blown away.

Twitter: @dante_dmn

Milga Abraham


Both caligraphist and poet Milga is breaking out of her shell and is doing it all! She’s currently an artist in residence at Free Radical Her debut performance was at Festival of audacity, our City wide arts activism festival. We are so excited to be working with milga and so should you, her poetry is educational yet playful.

Instagram: @Seekerofhope

Written by Zeddie Lawal

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