Salutations for @Rhi

“Yo.” Has a bop.

“Yep.” Has a briefcase

“Awright, Good Good.” Is getting in his truck

“Marning.” Is going for her morning walk.

“Roots.” Is heavily into art

“Rass.” Is cooler than you are.

“Sis.” Could sell sugar to snowcones.

“Reds.” Is trying to stick his nose in other people’s business.


“Sweet ting!” Is trouble but harmless.

“Pst, my sexy friend” Shouts from de mini bus

“Afternoon.” Is school children chorus made to stand

“Waaaiiitttt – das you cross dey?” Waves from a next van

“Yuh living?” Has lost a lotta weight since you last came to this grocery store.

    “Evening.” Can give you a drop tuh where you goin’.

“Mummy, I home.” Has de ingredients to cook in silence.  

“Yea man, tings blessed.”


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