Doesn’t look wide enough? Oh, it will fit, it always does.

It’s all about technique, no need for brute strength.

More art than sport, once you get the knack.

Watch that bit here, for example: you have to sort of spin it,

the shoulder in that crack, weight on the left heel, push

see, now it’s on the ledge, and I can have a breather.

It’s exhilarating, the power, the control.


And who’s to say that the slip and fall is not in fact

a decision, the last choreographed step? Just because the dancer

does the same thing each time, it doesn’t mean

they do not have a choice. I have a good gig here,

and there’s no way of knowing what would happen

if I failed to let go some day, and reached the top.


Now step aside.

I like to watch it tumble down.



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