In paris with you (Amsterdam Refix)

Don’t talk to me of abuse. I’ve had a fistful

And I get wishful when I’ve had a zoot or two.

Im another of your sidechicks

Im neglected im a sidekick

But I’m in Amsterdam with you.


Yes I don’t know how I missed all the signs

And embarrassed at all ive let you put me through

I admit that this is crazy

And my visions getting hazy

I’m in amsterdam with you.


Do you mind if we do not go to the Anne frank house

If we say sod off to sodding tulips,

If we skip the red light district

Do other things (I’m being cryptic )


Air Bnb

Doing this and that

To what and whom

Learning who you are,

Learning what I am.


Don’t talk to me of abuse. Let’s talk of Amsterdam,

The little bit of Amsterdam in our view.

Theres spiders crawling out the sink

Isnt as artistic as you think

And I’m in Amsterdam with you.


Don’t talk to me of abuse. Let’s talk of Amsterdam.

I’m in Amsterdam with the slightest thing I do.

I’m in Amsterdam when im happy, when I cry  

I’m in Amsterdam when I listen to your lies…

Am I embarrassing you?

I’m in Amsterdam with you.


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