I see you see me.

Neanderthal man do you see yourself in our trimmed eyebrows and made up faces? 

Are we what you expected?

Jellied eels and burnt fish. 
Can you taste the spices we squashed into narrow meal times and raw meat?

Neanderthal man
Did you know we’d kill and dehumanize because of colour?
That we’d say brain size equates to intelligence.

Say that you were the shit on our shoes and that blackness is closest to you. Mentally defective, is that you?

Neanderthal man
Would you take milk with your tea? 
Would you suckle a cow before eating it’s flesh?

Neanderthal man
Would your science be self serving?

Would my genes be mutant or superwoman?
Would you call her weak for birthing you?

Would you be bitter and better.

Neanderthal man do you see me seeing you?


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