Finally it has happened to me (For Amy)

I used to wear my virginity at the tip of my tongue.

My favourite party trick, the one that I would always pull out in games of truth or dare

“im still a virgin” saving my treasure for my husband that would come sailing in,

My knight in shinning armour who would be my first kiss and first love and the one to deflower my post puberty innocence

We were the “everything but” girls, skimming the lines of purity to ensure our worth wouldn’t decrease

My virginity was a prisoner to Christian dogma and misogyny

Promise rings and patriarchy

I found myself in feminism

Learnt that my treausure was in more than what joins the thighs that my worth cannot be reduced by guys

and it happened…

A messy 4am encounter with a name that slips my mind

Fast , rhytmless and underwhelming.



After all the build up I expected to feel like damaged goods.

The world continues

The sexually active, the abstainers and the asexuals.


All inherently worthy regardless of how they chose express their sexuality.


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