1. How do you start again
  2. In a room with so many expectations written on walls?
  3. My feet are made out of led
    when you call me for an exchange of un-formed words over acceptable tea.
  4. I wait at the last step, to hear you pause the TV, then hesitate over the next move
  5. You can’t love someone you don’t know
  6. You can’t hate someone either…
  7. I hear my whole ringtone twice when you call
  8. I have learnt how to sing my voice higher when I answer
  9. We talk the bad kind of nothings for 3.08 minutes
    I want to ask the things like
    why don’t you trust me?
    do you regret it?
  10. Instead I say ‘Ah Okay’ in between hopeful monologues  


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