Lost and Found

Can I be the one and only reason you find yourself?

Amongst barbed wire and broken shells,

Immersed in waves of

Two types of heaven and one type of hell.

We are squinted eyes and furrowed brows.

Dusty elbows, heavy scalps.

A pinch of courage is not of more value than asking for help,


In this wretched abyss of give and take.

Find balance in scales that measure intention.

My iris was lengthened from damaging experience

And fresh new perspectives.


En route to discovering the invisible parts of you.

The parts we see right through.

The ones we walk by without twitching.

Without glancing twice.

This is my escape journey.


This is finally just nice.


Not special or grand.

The kind of curry which has no extra added spice.

Let me absorb all you deem as mundane,

Let me find all that makes you great.


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