13 tips to market yourself as an artist online

1.     Work out your USP – what makes you different in the market? Is it your sound? Your approach?


2.     Work out your ESP – what’s your emotional ‘selling point’? Do you have a story?


3.     Who’s your target audience? Men under 30? Teenage girls? Punk rockers of all ages?


4.     Where do your target audience frequent? Are they on facebook or twitter? What do they respond best to?


5.     Be visual – take pictures and clips of your work – less selfie and more teasers to show your work, your process and your achievements


6.     Give people time and clear instruction – do you need them to retweet your gig? Buy tickets to the gig from a particular seller or website? Be clear and tell them in advance, on as many platforms as you can


7.     Balance artistry with story. Your story is your art and vice versa. People want to know about you as a person – think less updates about what you had for lunch, more what drives your work? Who inspires you?


8.     Support other artists – there is enough room in this world and market for all of us. Be supportive, show love, collaborate, share and retweet. The better the industry does, the more we all rise together


9.     Show love to your promoters – show respect to those who book you


10. Love your ‘fans’ and your freeloaders! They make you or break you.


11. Solicit feedback on your work. Ask what they like and what they don’t? Always be open minded.


12. Remind yourself that everything you do and say online is permanent and trackable – be a good online citizen (also be true to yourself) Don’t tweet whilst drunk – as an artist you have a commitment to your profession and to your discipline


13. Use a variety of mediums – instagram, facebook, website, vine, blog, tumblr, snapchat – but also pick the right ones for you!




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