10 Black British Artists That Should Be Celebrated

There have been so many amazing women that have inspired me thus far in my life but although there are so many, I have decided to list just 10 (in no particular order).


10. Rebekah Ubuntu

Rebekah is a performance artist, musician, mental health consultant and activist. I have three words for you, innovative, educational and queer!

She is currently smashing the game right now, having recently performed at Afropunk London and will put on “A Queer Black Performance Night” for Black History Month.

Twitter: @RebekahUbuntu



9. Remani Love

Now this woman right here… can we all give her a cyber round of applause. She is on a self love mission and boy, she is not restricting nor subjecting it to herself.

She has made a documentary by black women and for black women & will be taking Love Doc to South Africa.

Twitter: @loveremani



8. Black British Girl Hood

Sweet mother mary, what can I can say that encapsulates the greatness of this collective, this trifecta are currently making huge movements.

BBG are out here to document and celebrate the story of growing up in this diaspora we call Britain. They are producers, writers and so much more.

Twitter: @BBGirlhood



7: Siana Bangura

If you already haven’t heard of Queen Siana Bangura, now is the time. This woman is an absolute powerhouse. She is a writer, blogger, poet and public speaker.

She recently published her book ‘Elephant’ which is a collection of her poetry and is now launching an exhibition ‘I, The Angry Black Woman, and Other Stories’.

Twitter: @Sianaarrgh



6: Amara Ranger

She calls herself a poetess, a playwright and a photographer and GERRRL, she really is a triple threat. Amara has such a distinctive perspective in both her poetry and her photography, this woman literally captures the essence of life in the most purest form.

She has recently written a play for the TALAWA theatre company, called Hatch.

Twitter: @Amara_Ranger



5: Cecile Emeke

Cecile is a little bit of everything with a sprinkle of magic.

Director, writer and artist, she is well known for ‘Strolling’ and personal & addictive online series, ‘Ackee & Saltfish’. I will say no more just go watch it right now, and if you already have, watch it again.

Twitter: @cecileemeke



4: Jendella Benson

Jendella Benson (doesn’t her name just roll off your tongue), this creative is killing it, and has taken her art to an international level!

She is a writer, film maker and photographer. She’s featured in The Guardian, The Metro and The Voice and has had her work exhibited internationally in Canada.

Twitter: @jendella



3: Josette Joseph

Josette Joesph is a London based poet in the SXWKS collective, her work is ear-sthetically pleasing, poetry raw and performs effortlessly.

I think we should all take a minute to just dab for Miss Joseph. 

Twitter: @JosetteJoseph_



2: Jamila Johnson-Small

This woman’s work is a fusion of dance and activism, as well as being aesthetically pleasing, futuristic and exciting.

Her collaborative pieces are on a new caliber of astounding. Her most recent piece ‘I Ride In Colour and Soft Focus, No Longer Anywhere’ was performed in Rich Mix London.

Twitter: @ContempStruggle


1: Aliyah Hasinah

Activist, poet, producer, writer, the list goes on…. The world needs to make some space because she is coming through and taking over.

She has performed at TEDxBrum as a part of A2 and has produced events such as Cosmic Ashoke, and Herstory. This girl’s work speaks for itself. Witness her excellence at Herstory

Twitter: @AliyahHasinah


Written by Zeddie Lawal.

Photography/thumbnail credit: Amara Ranger

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